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Have a child at home struggling with self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression, or social skills? You are not alone. With social media making it ever easier to compare, and a pandemic creating the opportunity for isolation, teens today are struggling with their mental health more than ever. Horses can help. In the words of Pam Brown, “A horse is the projection of people’s dreams about themselves- strong, powerful, beautiful”. With the help of these amazing creatures and licensed masters level social workers your child can begin to realize that they already possess these qualities.


In our new youth program at Out Side In Stables each week of July, the kids will go through guided equine assisted learning activities with peers of a similar age and a therapist to learn about building confidence, social skills, coping strategies, and more. In this safe and supportive environment your children will learn how to build these skills that will carry over into every area of their life, while having fun in the process.


For more information email or call (616) 844-0906.  Groups are limited to 8 so register soon!

Register here 


Cost $240 due by June 15.  


Out Side In Summer Youth Programs



Camelia was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. She moved to Michigan to attend Hope College where she received her Bachelors in social work. After completing her BSW, Camelia started working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. She then graduated from Western Michigan University with her masters in social work specializing in trauma and TF-CBT. Camelia is passionate about supporting people as they navigate various paths of life, especially those who are healing from trauma.

While Camelia had no formal training with horses as a child. She grew up with them, learning as she went. She has always enjoyed riding and spending time with them. In college, she developed a friendship with a woman and her Friesian horses where it was further confirmed that she wanted horses in her life. Camelia is very excited to combine her love for horses and passion for helping people into a job as one of the therapists at Outside In, Inc.

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