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Thoroughbred Aftercare

Rescue, Rehabilitation, Retraining, Rehoming

The mission of the Thoroughbred program at Out Side In is to rehabilitate and retrain retired Thoroughbred race horses and help them transition into second career.  In addition, we work to help educate people about the value of these horses in order to increase the demand for them after their racing career ends.  Unfortunately, a race horse can have the stigma of being hard to handle, and many people do not think about owning one for purposes other than racing.  However, Thoroughbreds make wonderful performance horses and excel many disciplines including, dressage, jumping and eventing.  With the right knowledge, proper rehabilitation and retraining, they also make excellent family and companion horses.  Thoroughbreds are not only beautiful and athletic but they are also kind, intelligent, willing and sensitive horses, who love people and try their very best at whatever is asked of them. 

At Out Side In, we are knowledgeable and experienced in the rehabilitation and retraining process and understand the unique needs of off the track Thoroughbreds.  All horses are given down time after coming off the track and any injuries or health concerns are addressed before we begin the re-training process.  We don't believe in "making" a horse into what we want them to be, but rather listening to them and learning what their strengths are in order to find the right second career for them.  Because we have experience in many different disciplines, we are able to train the horse in whatever they are good at and happy doing.  If a performance career isn't for them, we are able to either use them in our own therapy program helping people heal from trauma, or find them homes as family or companion horses.  







Out Side In is proud to be accredited by the Thoroughbred After Care Alliance (TAA) .  TAA accredited organizations have gone through  a detailed accreditation process and careful onsite inspection by TAA inspectors, to determine that the organization has met or exceeded TAA requirements in the areas of operations, education, horse care management, facility standards and services, and adoption policies and protocols.

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