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"Over the last year that I have been working on my mental health at Out Side In, Inc., the support of my therapist and the horses has saved my life from suicide in so many ways, it's hard to describe. No matter how dark my world is at the moment, the second I lay eyes on the horses, my whole world instantly feels peaceful. Getting to interact with the horses while talking about what is bothering me helps me cope with the darkest thoughts in my mind at that moment and also helps me realize there are so many beautiful things in this world that are worth continuing to live for. It's hard to describe how much you and the horses have helped me!"

Out Side In Client

"I was depressed and suicidal. My social anxiety got in the way of traditional therapy as nothing made me more nervous than sitting and having someone look at me and ask questions.
Out Side In was different. Instead of sitting in a room with someone looking at me, I was actively doing something with the horse and I could look at and focus on the horse. This made me less anxious so I could get the help I needed from my awesome therapist. I no longer have the daily suicidal thoughts and severe depression, but I actually want to live! I'm so thankful to God and Out Side In for saving my life!"

Out Side In Client

"Past traumas, tragic life events, and then being completely shattered with losing my mom at 21 years old, changed my life. Out Side In gave me my life back. I've learned more about myself in the past year than I have in my entire life. I've grown incredibly!
Working with my therapist and the horses has helped me believe in life again and fall back in love with myself. I've accomplished things that I never thought was possible. To this day, I am still making strides I never thought was possible. I couldn't have done it without my therapist, and the therapy horses (especially Gator, Diva, and Mambo)!"

Out Side In Client

"Out Side In and it's [Veteran's] equine therapy program gave me a reason to put my boots on in the morning. As a combat veteran of Vietnam, the horses help me to recover from my past. When I saw the unbelievable progress of my first horse, Eddie, I saw that miracles were possible.
As a former Social Worker, Out Side In has allowed me to continue to meet and work with Veterans of all conflicts. Our love of horses, and Country, are the bonds that tie us together.
I cannot say enough good things about Out Side In's professional and caring staff. I have felt supported always in my long journey to recovery. Together, I believe in hope - not just for a horse - but perhaps for 'just' a broken man as well. Thank you OSI for helping me ride to recovery."

Veteran from Heroes for Horses Program

My husband, an Iraq Veteran, and I recently moved to Michigan. I was talking with a local friend who adopted a horse through Out Side In (OSI). She mentioned there was a Veteran Program at the facility, so I decided to inquire. After speaking with one of the therapists about OSI, hearing the passion and mission, and ending the phone call in tears (good ones), I knew this was going to be the right fit. I loved (and still do!) that OSI rescues horses and provides opportunities for veterans to work on oneself outside the normal confines of an office. It's a perfect combination for healing for my husband- therapists who care, horses who are often working through similar situations my husband faces, and other veterans to work alongside. Two lives are greatly impacted through OSI- the Veteran and the horse, but it doesn't stop at those two. The change trickles into the lives of everyone the veterans and horses interact with. I can't thank Out Side In enough for this unique opportunity to heal from the out side in!"

Wife of Veteran in Heroes for Horses Program

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