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Thoroughbred Adoption

​At Out Side In we have horses in all shapes and sizes and we love them all!  Thoroughbreds are not only great race horses, but they make incredible show horses, companion horses and even trail horses.  They are incredibly athletic and very brave. They make tremendous family and therapy horses because of there intuitiveness, intelligence, sensitivity and personality.   They love people and are incredibly in tuned to human emotions. 

We usually have between 18 and 22 horses at the farm and  although many of them will be with us forever, we always have horses available for adoption.  As much as we hate to see any of our horses leave, adopting them to loving homes allows us to continue to help more horses!  We take pride in making sure all of our horses go to homes that are the right fit for both the horse and the owner, and take the time to learn your needs and match you with the right horse.  Before and after the adoption, we have a team of incredible trainers and horse professionals who can give you all the information you need about the specific needs of each horse.

Some of our horses may have physical issues which make them only suited to be companion horses, while others have potential to be top show horses.  Adoption fees reflect the suitability, soundness, training and potential of the horse as and can range from $500 to $5000.  Fees will typically increase with the amount of training the horse has had.   

Please contact us at (616) 844-0906 or to get information on horses that are currently available for adoption and to request an adoption application.

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